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Hi! I am

W1ll Fa1rclough, CEO

SheepDog Cloud was created when I became aware of how the car industry worked after I bought my first ever brand-new car. I soon realised there was only one winner when it came to handing back or changing my vehicle. The dealer!

My Dad once told me, "son never buy a new car, they are a money pit”. My Dad was just a normal guy, hard working 9-5, and back then buying a new car was a luxury. Quite different from today.


Nowadays it has never been easier to buy new. The deals on new cars are designed to be more appealing and less expensive to finance than on used cars, making the market more attainable to those who may not have considered it before.


Of course, the feeling when you when pick up the keys from the dealer and drive away in a brand-new motor, it is a great experience. For car lovers alike, nothing can beat this. But nonetheless, an expensive proposition.

Many of the big, high street dealerships are owned by Plc’s and run by accountants. And when it comes to trading back your car you are just a number to them. Computer says ‘low’.

With the continual evolution of the internet and super-fast broadband, tech savvy entrepreneurs are seeing real opportunity in the independent online car dealer sector. These guys are popping up throughout the UK bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to selling cars, and with great success. What this means is there are local, independent, owner-run dealers out there with lower overheads and a genuine customer focus that says, ‘we want your business and are prepared to offer a fairer price for your vehicle’.

This is where SheepDog Cloud comes in. We connect good people with genuine buyers so they are not exposed to terrible deals when the time comes to trading in or handing back their vehicle.

Through our close network of local, independent, owner-run car retailers we will connect you with genuine buyers who will pay a fairer price and will value your business.

We are different. My team are real people. When you enter in your details into our website it is not a computer response. Each valuation is done by a person and is not a computer-generated low figure. We even have a telephone number so you can talk to us - crazy!

Good luck to you all and I wish you the absolute best in these trying times…

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