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Why would I choose SheepDog Cloud, and how can you help me?

Put simply, to get a better deal (more money!) for your vehicle, than handing it back or trading it in to a dealership. By selling your car to us you are then a cash buyer and in a stronger position to purchase your next vehicle. You may decide you don't need another car, so in this case you'll have more cash in your pocket.

I have PCP finance on my vehicle, will this be a problem?

Not at all. In fact, this is where we can really help our customers. Having a finance deal on a vehicle can often reduce your options of getting the best price for your vehicle once your finance agreement ends, or if you decide to hand back or sell your vehicle during the finance term. Dealerships bank on this happening! This is where we can help so you can beat your dealer price and get the most value for your vehicle.

Is my car finance balloon payment the same as a trade-in price?

When you purchase a new or used new vehicle from a dealership on PCP finance you will be given a final payment, or balloon payment, figure to be paid at the end of the agreement. At the end of the agreement you have three options: pay the balloon amount and own the vehicle outright, hand the vehicle back with nothing more to pay - provided it is in good condition and within the pre-agreed mileage allowance, or trade-in the vehicle for a new model. This is the important bit to understand, so pay attention. Your balloon payment is designed to be lower than market value. Therefore, if you decide option 2 and simply 'hand back' your vehicle, contact us straight away, you could be losing out on a large chunk of cash. Similarly, if you choose option 3 and decide to trade in your vehicle for a new model, this is effectively a part exchange deal and the worst way to sell you car and get the best deal. This is where we come in. We will beat the dealer price and change you into a cash buyer, which puts you into a strong position to get a better deal on your new car.

What if my vehicle is worth less than the outstanding finance?

If your vehicle is worth less than the outstanding finance on it, we can help provide you a higher value figure than your dealer garage. However, we cannot guarantee this will be more than the outstanding finance and in this case you will need to pay the difference if you choose to sell your vehicle or hand back your vehicle. But you will still be getting a better deal from us.

Do I need to prove what trade-in price my dealer quoted me?

No. We are a family run, fair and honest business. We take the approach that most people are fair, decent and honest too. All we are trying to do is offer you a better price for your vehicle than you would otherwise get from your dealer trade-in. If someone was to exaggerate their trade-in price they may actually be shooting themselves in the foot with getting a better deal from us.

What happens if I have not got a trade-in quote from my dealer?

That's okay. We can provide you a quote for your vehicle, regardless. One of our unique selling points is that we will 'beat the dealer' price if you have one. If we know your dealer price upfront then it makes it quicker and easier to quote more competitively saving you time, but again this is not essential.

Can you really guarantee to beat my dealer trade-in price?

In short, yes. This is because we have lower overheads and our business model is different to a dealers. However, there can be those occasions where a dealer wants your car and has priced so aggressively that we may not be able to pay a higher price. But that's a great thing for you. When this does happen stick with your dealer and it is more money for your pocket!

How are you different from We Buy Any Car?

There are many differences. We generally target higher value vehicles that ordinarily would be traded in or handed back to a dealership which is rarely a good deal for the seller. This is where we come in with a beat the dealer price. We Buy Any Car typically is a quick and hassle free way to sell a low value, poor condition vehicle. They will take in any car, any condition, and will buy your vehicle removing the hassle of selling privately. At this end of the market there are not many dealers willing to take this kind of stock, so We Buy Any Car is a great alternative. However, generally speaking this is rarely the best way to sell your higher value, newer, better conditioned car. You would tend to either sell privately, hand back or trade-in for your next car. Every price we give is carefully looked at by a human being, not a computer or a person who does not have the ability to use discretion when trying to find the best deal for the customer. We use human calculations, and we understand every deal is different.

I'm thinking of selling privately, why should I choose SheepDog Cloud?

Our advice, if you are the type of person that has the time and patience to sell privately, this is often a great way to get a higher price for your vehicle. However, it is not for everyone, and typically if you have a higher value vehicle it can be more time consuming and difficult to sell because most buyers do not have that kind of cash. If you are replacing your vehicle, often waiting for a private sale can mean you lose out on the car you want so having the convenience of a quick exchange is important. This is why part-exchange deals are good for convenience but not good for your wallet. Dealerships bank on you doing this! By choosing SheepDog Cloud, we provide you that convenience without harming your wallet. You then become a cash buyer and instantly are in a better position to negotiate hard on your next vehicle purchase. Super!